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Coronavirus Guidelines for Scaffolding Firms Explained

Coronavirus Guidelines for Scaffolding Firms Explained

By on Apr 3, 2020 in Blog, Scaffolding |

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on businesses, affecting operations, supply chains, customer engagement and service.

Here at Network Scaffold, we understand the challenges this has created in the scaffolding sector, with regards to protecting workers and the general public.

Recently the Scaffolding Association has released guidelines to help scaffolding firms handle this tricky situation, whilst continuing to provide a vital service to clients.

For our latest blog, we are going to focus on the guidance for on-site workers plus the necessary PPE equipment that will be made available.

Coronavirus – Working Onsite for Scaffolders

The health and safety requirements must not be compromised and if the scaffolding task cannot be undertaken safely then it should not take place.

According to the Scaffolding Association, the following measures should be considered when employees are undertaking necessary work onsite –

  • Planning work to minimise contact with other site users, which could include altering shift patterns or restricting access to work areas.
  • Complying with social distancing measures and keeping 2 metres apart. While working on scaffolding this would equate to being approximately one bay apart vertically or every other life horizontally.
  • Using stairs in preference to lifts
  • Use your own tools and equipment
  • Canteens will not be operating as normal, with breaks staggered with employees bringing their own prepared meals and drinks whilst adhering to social distancing measures.
  • Soap and water should be easily accessible and where not possible, hand sanitiser.
  • Sufficient waste bins for handtowels, which should be regularly removed and disposed of.
  • Keeping a sufficient supply of additional soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels

Personal Protective Equipment Onsite Guidelines

When Personal Protective Equipment is provided for employees, the following measures need to be implemented –

  • Gloves should be considered a minimum precaution
  • Where RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) is prescribed the user should have this face fit tested
  • Re-usable PPE requires a thorough clean after use and must not be shared with other workers
  • Single-use PPE should be disposed of to ensure it is not reused

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