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The Changing Face of Safety for Scaffolding in Staffordshire

The Changing Face of Safety for Scaffolding in Staffordshire

By on Jun 19, 2019 in Blog, Scaffolding |

The safety of workers and the general public is of paramount importance when working on sites with scaffolding in Staffordshire.
Network Scaffold Services combine a wealth of experience with a meticulous approach towards health and safety. In our latest blog, we are going to look at how safety procedures and legislation have changed over the years to make sites safer.

Accident-Free Scaffolding in Staffordshire

For some perspective, back in 1977 the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) reported an astonishing 700 incidents in the UK!
Fast forward 40 years to 2017 and this figure has plummeted 87% to 89, with greater emphasis on safety equipment, procedures and guidance.
The NASC was founded back in 1945 and provides effective guidance for scaffolders including tips on working at height and has become the world’s reputed authority on all things scaffolding.

Innovations in Scaffolding

In the early 1900s scaffolding was constructed from wood or bamboo whereas today we use the more robust steel for the scaffold.
When metal scaffolding was first used, rope was deemed ineffective which led to brothers Daniel and David Palmer-Jones creating fixings that could hold together both wood and metal scaffolding. They went on to create the Universal Coupler which is still used on construction sites today.

The scaffolding industry today has increased guidance from industry bodies (such as NASC) plus the employment of effective training techniques by contractors such as Network Scaffold Services.

Scaffolding in Staffordshire from Trusted Suppliers

Network Scaffold provide the highest quality of scaffolding in Staffordshire and surrounding areas such as Derby and Nottingham.
We believe the key to good business is having a Health and Safety policy that calls for continuous improvement of standards and site management.

If you’d like a better idea about our commitment to health and safety download our Manual.
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