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The Benefits of Using Safety Decking

The Benefits of Using Safety Decking

By on Mar 22, 2021 in Blog, Safety Decking |

In the construction industry, falls are the largest cause of accidental death which accounts for 50% of all fatalities. One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents on your site is by using safety decking from Network Scaffold.

Remember, if the correct measures are not taken in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, a person working at height could fall which causes personal injury and possibly a claim for liability.

When working at height is unavoidable, you need to use a collective system, for fall prevention – such as safety decks. Our systems are significantly quicker to erect and dismantle plus they provide a safe working environment when compared to traditional methods.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Safety Decking

1. Health and Safety Compliant – Safety decks from Network Scaffold comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, where employers and those in control of any work at height activity require the correct type of equipment being used for safety.

2. Fast Assembly – As we have previously mentioned, our safety decks can be installed quicker than traditional solutions. It also provides a level of adaptability which is lacking from alternatives as it has undergone rigorous independent testing beforehand. Because of its level of versatility our customers are able to choose a system that works best for their chosen project.

3. Multi-Location Availability – Network Scaffold is able to offer safety decking services for customers across Derby, Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

4. Durable Decking – Our safety decks require no maintenance making them ideal for all trades in any weather all year round. The robust design and high-quality build mean you get a full, safe and unobtrusive working area with maximum freedom of movement.

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