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A Brief History of Scaffolding

A Brief History of Scaffolding

By on Feb 24, 2022 in Blog |

There have been many books written regarding significant famous events and various industrial topics. But there does not seem to be many books written about scaffolding becoming such a widely used practice around the world. At Network Scaffolding in Derby, we enjoy interesting providing trivia regarding our beloved industry. Whilst the entire history of scaffolding would be near impossible to cover in one post; we will do our best to illustrate how scaffolding became the primary way for workers to work on construction sites. 

The Construction of the Pyramids 

Most industries have quite humble beginnings, however, scaffolding did not. One of the first instances if scaffolding being used was for the on of the seven wonders of the world; that being the great pyramids of Egypt. 

It was the sturdy footing the scaffolding offered along with accompanying practicality which made scaffolding so popular amongst the ancient Egyptians. 

During scaffolding’s infancy, the construction was particularly popular with the ancient Greeks as well. The 5th century vase; The Berlin Foundery Cup details Greeks using scaffolding for various constructions. 

Victorian Times

Whilst there were many developments in the world of scaffolding, it was not until the Victorian times there were notable changes. During this period; structures were held together with hemp rope and wire whilst frames were made of rope. 

It was not until the early 1900’s that metal scaffolding became the primarily used method in the western hemisphere and bamboo became popular in many Asian countries.

Present Day

Scaffolding has taken many forms in the present day. We have covered how scaffolding differs around the world but largely scaffolding takes rather similar forms as well as adhering to very thorough health and safety regulations.

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